Elvis – Live in Vegas – Sorry Live @ Henighans with Darren Leonard

  • Date:03 - Sep - 2016
  • Time:09:00
  • Location:Henighans Bar & Restaurant, Bury Rd, Breightemet, Bolton BL2 6PY
  • Venue:Elvis - Live in Vegas - Sorry Live @ Henighans with Darren Leonard

Elvis – Live in Vegas – Sorry Live @ Henighans with Darren Leonard

Plasterer becomes Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas

A HUSBAND who was so shy he wouldn’t speak in shops is now an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas after his amazing secret singing talent was discovered.

Plasterer Darren Leonard’s life changed when he was persuaded to get up on stage at wife Michelle’s best friend’s wedding.

Michelle, 42, and her pals were so shocked when the 45-year-old belted out an Elvis Presley number – just like the King in his heyday.

His big break came at a travel agents’ convention in Las Vegas he was attending with his wife. He got on stage to perform the legendary Elvis hit Suspicious Minds and was spotted by a showbiz agent who offered him a string of gigs.

Now the dad from Bolton is heading to America’s glitziest city with Michelle and their two young sons to perform as “Nick Vegas”.

Michelle said: “I had no idea that he had that voice. It was a complete shock, after seven years of marriage.

“Before this, he was quite quiet and his timidity used to drive me mad. If we would go anywhere like in a shop or a restaurant he would want me to ask everything.

“Now being Nick Vegas has transformed Darren and our relationship is all the better for it.” Modest Darren said: “It’s very flattering.”

The scenario is like the plot of the 1998 hit movie Little Voice starring Jane Horrocks, 46, as a shy recluse who could recreate the voices of female singers with stunning accuracy.