The Who by Who’s Next – Probably the UK’s Finest Tribute to The Who

  • Date:16 - May - 2015
  • Time:09:30
  • Location:Bury Road
  • Venue:The Who by Who's Next - Probably the UK's Finest Tribute to The Who

Who’s Next are the #1 live tribute to The Who. They capture a magical point in time when many believe that The Who were the greatest rock and roll band on earth. Who’s Next’s live show aims to recreate this period in the 1970′s with the aid of authentic stage wear and instruments. The result is a time machine ride back to the days of Live at Leeds, The Isle of Wight Festival, Tanglewood and the Fillmore shows. It is a must for any Who fan!

The Greatest Hits set includes all of Pete Townshend’s classic pop songs from adrenaline-fuelled Mod classics such as I can’t explain, Substitute and Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere to the psychedelic imagery of Tommy’s – Pinball Wizard, Sparks and Amazing Journey, not forgetting rock anthems like My Generation, Baba O’Riley and a show-stopping version of Won’t Get Fooled Again.

Who’s Next have been touring the UK and Europe since 2003 and are widely regarded as the #1 live tribute to The Who. 2013 is the band’s 10th Anniversary year. Their longevity is a testament to their popularity and professionalism.