U2 by International Tribute Band U2-2 ‘We’re flattered by what they’re doing’ – BONO Quote

  • Date:23 - May - 2015
  • Time:09:00
  • Location:Bury Road
  • Venue:U2 by International Tribute Band U2-2 'We're flattered by what they're doing' - BONO Quote

U2 by International Tribute Band U2-2

U2-2 are the world’s longest running U2 show, with over 20 years in the business.

‘We’re flattered by what they’re doing’ – BONO

U2-2 are the only tribute to have performed alongside U2 at the same football stadium. .
U2-2 were mixed up with the real U2, by stadium security and led into U2’s changing rooms by mistake.
‘Jez, ya only need Jo the sound man stood next to ya’s’ – KEITH DUFFY of BOYZONE.
‘You guys saved me tonight from fans. I said I was a tribute to Ronno…look, there’s U2!’ – BRIAN ROBERTSON of THIN LIZZY.
U2-2 are the benchmark, by which all other U2 tributes are measured.
‘The greatest U2 tribute in the world’ – SUGGS of MADNESS.
‘These guys are absolutely amazing’ – BELFAST RADIO.
Formed in 1992, the band performed under the name ‘Achtung Baby’. They are now known simply as ‘U2-2’. The band use authentic equipment to replicate U2’s vast arsenal of sounds and over the years, they have been praised by U2, name-checked by Bono and mistaken for their idols at many different events. This ‘look-a-like/sound-a-like’ band have performed over 1000 shows, all across the world. From Chicago to Bahrain, from Inverness to Monaco, U2-2 have enthralled ardent U2 fans and amazed fellow musicians. Their past clients include BBC1, ITV1, RTE, SKY TV, BLACKBERRY and The IRISH OLYMPIC HOUSE. The originals and the best. U2-2.
HIGHLIGHTS IN U2-2’s career..
Sell out show all across the U.K. and winning the award from The Limelight in Crewe, for the most sell-out shows in succession. U2-2’s singer makes the finals of ITV’s ‘Stars in their Eyes’. The band perform at many U2 fanclub shows and are generally regarded as the ‘official’ U2 tribute. Local gigs include ‘Sheffield Arena’ and ‘Don Valley Stadium’, where U2 will also perform 13 years later! The band perform alongside The Lightning Seeds and Samantha Mumba. Sell out tours of Ireland, including Dublin’s Point Depot. The band played to a packed house of 8000 people. Other shows in Ireland include Dublin’s Olympia theatre, Belfast’s Empire Hall, Galway Quays, Limerick’s Dolans and Cork’s Old Oak. The band have also helped raise money for The Irish Cancer Fund. .
Sell out tours of Portugal and Holland. The band performed alongside U2 at Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam. U2-2 posed for pictures on the Trabant car featured on the ‘Achtung Baby’ album cover. The Dutch security got the two bands mixed up and U2-2 were shown into U2’s changing rooms by mistake. Two tours of Portugal see the band playing to some of their largest crowds. One festival in the south of Portugal has an attendance of over 10,000 people. In 2000, the band appear on BBC’s ‘Battle of the Tribute bands’, winning the award of ‘Best sound-a-likes’. Andy performs in a video by ‘Pulp’ singer ‘Jarvis Cocker’. U2 give their permission for the band to record a cover of ‘I Still Haven’t Found’ for a feature film. .
In 2009, U2-2 perform in Sheffield’s ‘Meadowhall’ as part of the official U2 360 Tour experience. Many shoppers think they are watching the real U2, as the band perform note-perfect renditions of ‘With or Without You’ and ‘Beautiful Day’. U2 fans, some from Russia, line up to have their picture taken with the band and later in the day, both BBC1 and ITV1 line up to record interviews. The band are chosen by Doncaster’s ‘Sine FM’ to help launch their radio station. Cork’s ‘Montenotte Hotel’ allow U2-2 to pose for pictures on their roof. This was the same spot chosen by U2 20 years prior for a photo-shoot. The company ‘Backberry’ hire the lads as ‘look-a-likes’ to help promote their latest cell-phone, ‘The Curve’. .
In 2010, U2-2 perform in Coventry’s ‘Ricoh Sadium’. The band perform to more people than ‘The Bootleg Beatles’. After headlining two festivals, the band are chosen by the Irish Olympic House to perform twice during the 2012 Olympics. During a sell-out show for ‘Madness’ at Doncaster racecourse, Suggs lets the crowd know who’s on the following week. ‘The greatest U2 tribute in the world…U2-2’. .
U2-2 support Amnesty International. .